Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Many Questions

Solstice was enjoyable, the family getting to know my beloved more. The medical part of it, not so much. I did not quite feel as if I were a lab specimen, but the questions seemed to be endless.

"How does this keep happening?", Great-Uncle Ibiz muttered as he sorted through the notes.

"Hy thought hyu knew, but Hy can draw hyu zome diagramz," my mate said helpfully, grinning wide enough to show all of her fangs.

After the laughter died down, Ibiz shook his head, "No, the mechanics we know. The chemistry is the problem. Outside the immediate family, every other documented pairing from that plane has had to have major help adjusting chemistry in both partners to match well enough to procreate. If you were related to Haus Loewenstein, that would narrow our line of questioning."

"Na, my village might not be dere anymore, but it schtill dunt haff any tiez to Annechen'z femily." Birdie shrugged. "Dey're all op from de pass, und my village vaz down in de foothillz."

Amarantis chimed in, "I've checked the bloodlines, and she isn't even related to the Old Bat."

"For which we can give many thanks," Mother muttered. She went on in a clearer tone, "So far, the only thing the mates have in common are the general area. Claude was born in the schloss, and had been in Mechanicsburg perhaps a decade or so before I met him. We can track some of the variables, but some might be lost, because we did not think to ask when the girls were born. I had been trying for Annechen, but Alexandra was a surprise."

"Yes, at the time we just wrote it off as residual effects, considering they were less than two years apart." Ibiz frowned and went through his notes, "...and Annechen's pregnancy was noted as possibly within normal limits, since she was mixed."

"I am still not happy with that explanation, and now I am glad I kept up the pennyroyal extract therapy after Wolfgang was born." My sister spoke quietly from the back of the room. "Though now it will be imperative to explain reproductive responsibilities to him, as we still do not know."

Father had been staring at the map of Europa the entire time this discussion had been going on. He quietly asked, "Do we have any other documented pairings from this area?"

Ibiz nodded, and motioned to Amarantis, who was acting as his assistant. she pulled out a sheer overlay from the cabinet, and placed it over the map. "The red spots are the birthplaces of the mates who have been fertile without help," he said as he pointed them out. "The greens are the ones that were fertile under the normal conditions, and the yellow ones are the ones who were not able to procreate, even with the chemical adjustments."

"Who iz de red schpot downschtream from my village?"asked Birdsan.

"That is Griggs..." I said, as Ibiz muttered, "... downstream... could that be it?"

Annechen got up and stood closer to the map. Quiet muttering between her and Ama, as they poked at the map, then lifted the overlay. "Look at the topography, what does this valley suggest to you?" Annechen asked.

Father said, "Multiple meteor strikes, or a gouging skip, with the central blast being near Mechanicsburg, perhaps a millennium before the area was settled." From the looks of the crater, it was a bloody big impact. Mechanicsburg is not in a pocket-valley, it has the battle plains and home farms nearby.

Ibiz pointed to the overlay, and Amarantis lowered it. "The ones not born within the rim of the crater were all born within the Dyne watershed, if they were not born in Mechanicsburg." He stared at the map a few moments more, and said, "It is a theory at any rate."

"It gives us a place to start asking questions." Amarantis said. She then morphed into human form, one of the least memorable people she could devise. "And I think I know how to do it, if I can get on the medical services survey for the area."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Surprise, Surprise.

The aunties adore her, as I thought.

Council approves, but we have a meeting with the medical college later.

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is a call for extreme caution.

Twins calls for further investigation.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home for Christmas

The house will not be shut up this time, as there will be family in residence, but all of the paperwork has been filed and approved.

That was the easy part.

My dangerous beloved has not said anything about her condition. I wonder if she knows for certain yet.

Council has all but given formal approval, and the aunties will adore her, I am sure.

Eight centuries of preparation, I wonder if I am ready for this.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Arrival

The much awaited opening of the St Helen frontier occurred last night, and of course my beloved peregrine patrolled it straight away.

Good thing too, as there were some from my sister's staff that were wandering as well. Madame Tensai has not had time to release her monsters into the area, but you never know what was there before we arrived. It will be a mix of residential and commercial lots around the mountain and lake.

I have not had time to wander, as there were stacks of forms to send off, and packing to do. I want to be ready to go at a moment's notice, should the paperwork be approved. Everything from Council bids fair to meet my dangerous beloved's wishes, to this point. Now all that is left is for her to be approved by the old Aunties of my clan.

However, I am beginning to suspect that will be a bit like closing the barn door after the herd has run free.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beloved's First Rez Day

Spent the day with Birdsan to celebrate her first year at this post, since she says she does not remember her birthday anymore.

We had a long talk, most of it intelligible, all of it enjoyable, with one true surprise.

I am going to have to submit a bit of paperwork, send requests for meetings, and request some information I strictly should not know about through regular channels.

I do not begrudge any of the efforts, and surprisingly, I think I like the idea.

I still need to find out what Mother did to the gift she gave to my beloved perigrine for Solstice, though.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A letter home


Things are heating up here, and there are several things that need my attention. I would feel better if I could have you here, we need all the warriors we can muster. However, I do read the papers, and from the notes Sister has sent home, you have your duties to attend as well. Try not to bite Obelensky, you do not want to know where he has been.

Know that if you need me I will come if I am at all able.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And she says she hates politics.

I found her prying up tiles in the hall, and knowing her, the fact that it was off center from the hall was no accident. She had quartered the property.

"Do you need any help?"

"No, I have it - it is my debt." she carefully put the contents of a jar in the hole, and said the blessing.

I was a little surprised by the jar's contents, but stayed out of her way until she finished, and replaced the tiles. "Thought that one had a priesthole hereabouts."

She dusted her hands, and murmured, "It does not hurt to be prepared. Once I find out what is tracking, I will have a report for you and Uncle."

I chuckled, "What, not Himself?"

"He is rooted in another discipline, and will be told, but I do not know if he will act."

Watching her leave for the train, I shook my head. She will try to take care of everyone, if they let her.