Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh, this is just spiffing.

At least he is fading into the mists between the planes, but considering how many times he's cropped up again, I sill have to keep to the post.

Not that this is onerous duty, with so many lovely neighbors, but being told to stay in one place is rankling.

Bookworm has finally set my house in place, and she has followed my requests, for the most part. It is not her fault I really would not prefer to have windows.


Darien Mason said...

You were assigned to observe the Founder from a base in Steelhead? Seeing as how Tensai's magicks banished him from there, it's a bit like watching for vampires in an Italian restaurant, isn't it?

Augustus said...

An unexpected complication, considering how slowly the Council moves.

The actual spot on the plane does not matter, and the scenery here is... quite pleasant.