Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The the rest at the pub and the wake afterward afforded me time to finish what I started with Gematria. The task was made easier by the fading of the compulsions set by her clan's founder. Death should not have erased them; I surmised he may have been an awfully dammed busy meteor-pilot, to have aimed Wormwood and lifted the gaes on Gem at the same time.

She wound down at the wake, and in the quiet, I told her, [I know we did not see eye to eye on your Founder's actions, but I am sorry for your pain.]

When she made no response, I continued, [He has given you back to yourself, as far as he was able. Once I release this last leash from the vampire, you will be under no one's control but yourself.]

[Will that mean you will stop pestering me?]

I chuckled, [Only in that I will not longer be inside your head.] Casting my sight around the lady's aetherial being, I hung my eyes upon the spheres tumbling free. [You will be welcome anywhere I have a claim, if you should need it.]

She was quiet for a very long time, and finally responded, [Thank you for the invitation, Mr Timeless]

The last bit of gearwork polished and filled out very quickly, to a blinding coruscate bubble of joy... and I was in my bed.

Muscles stiff from misuse, carefully stretching against... I chuckled inwardly and wrapped my arm around the sleeping form of myperigrine lass, nuzzling under her ear.

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