Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the Cycle Begins Anew

So, he truly is gone, this time – and true to form, he has both given a great service and landed a huge problem on the doorstep in one fell swoop with his last act.

The Council will no doubt have their hands full with the refugees for a time. I imagine that is where the niece is now. Her hand control is better these days, so I would not be surprised if she is on one of the trauma/extraction teams. She missed the wake, but when duty calls, the clan attends.

There have been multiple upheavals, though I have not been able to report anything of the changes to Abbu. Medical leave-of-absence aside, I have several boatloads of information to dump on him when we finish here.

The new Regent is a bit of a surprise. The Luminous One has always been welcomed by the Council, though she has not returned to the Chambers in my memory. Even if there had been problems, we would have to ally with her and the brood, in preparation for the coming war.

We need to get Gematria under her own power before the first engagement. She may count herself frail, but she does have a very important part to play. With her brother, and the others that carry the lore, her analysis could give us the edge we will definitely need against the Hydra.

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