Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Greatest Joy Greatest Sorrow

I almost managed to get the Council to dismiss me.


Since I had acted without direct orders, they were nearly going to cut me loose, and then someone tipped them off that I had been looking for Miss Q. Likely her aunt, or it could have been 'Chen, but the end result is I am still attached to them, and now have a commendation in my file, for "quick action for reparation". On and on, and everyone misunderstanding.

I failed to protect her, I lost her in the void between planes, and they want to reward me for it.

Damnation, I hate politics.

If England is a nation of shopkeepers, Caledon is a nation of inventors. I haven't covered a third of the continent, and I only hope I haven't missed her in my search. New Babbage is closed to me, so I am having to rely on eyes other than mine to search there, though it galls me to do so. Winterfell has the wonder-workers, but not as many that work in the sciences needed to repair her as she was, and none that noted the work to rebuild her as a golem.

Blast it, I'm tired and drained. I shall have to find a sanitarium for recharging, and continue my search.


Darien Mason said...

Which aunt would you be referring to? Lumina or Sysperia?

New Babbage is closed to you? I've noticed in the short time I've been here it's very easy to step on the wrong toes. I already have a vivisectionist across the street making veiled threats. If you've done something to anger "Sprocky", perhaps I can intervene.

As for finding her...*shakes his head and slaps the Continuity Indicator on his aetherscope* You may have already found her by the time you read this...

Darien Mason said...

Oh, and consult Mr. Fourway about space at the Sanitarium.