Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She Is Going to Kill Me.

I seem to be stuck. My mate has no idea where I am, in either physical or astral form, and by now she may start to worry. I might as well get ready for the cataclysmic tempest when she realizes what I have done.

At this juncture, I cannot tell if it is the Ego or Superego that holds me fast in the orb of Gematria’s psyche. The core is still questioning the actions, the overlay is still in the pretender’s control. The casual cruelty of the overlay disturbs the core personality, but she is too weak to do much more than nudge.

I have no idea what state my body is in, but this long of an astral walk, it is likely to have reverted to my base form. Lovely. At least it is in the Tam San, and not in some of the hospitals I have landed, where they would vivisect first to formulate their questions. But I am going to need to feed in a fortnight or so.

My beautiful and dangerous peregrine lass, you are going to have to find me. You can do it, but you may need sister to help break me out without your getting demoted again, love.

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