Tuesday, August 5, 2008

She Is a Marvel.

A sudden surge of energy, and a familiar touch - [You are in SO much trouble, love]

Relief washed over me. [My peregrine lass! So glad you found me so quickly!]

She chuckled, a mix of amusement and irritation. [Found more than that. When were you going to ask?]

Oho, they rifled my desk? [I intended to do so as soon as I got back, which was supposed to be weeks ago.]

There was a shift, and she complained, [Don’t like that mode of travel much – let’s get you in the bath]

They had brought me Home, and in gestalt with my mate, I felt stronger. Even though I was still lodged in the Captain’s psyche, now we could get cracking on some serious work. There was nothing I could do about the physiological component just yet, but now that I had a firm place to stand, the next step was to decide where to place the lever for the most effective use.

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