Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Statement of Opinion

I must preface my statement with a few modifiers. I am not a connoisseur of blood. I never hope to gain that much knowledge on the consumption of blood, though it seems I may. I do not wish know the chemical composition of blood to the level of knowing what sodium levels are needed to provide the best distribution of viscosity and flavor. Nor do I wish to know dietary management of a prospective donor, the way one researches the agricultural practices of the wine-producing regions. I have no desire to study the balance of proteins versus plasma in the manner of the alkaloids and flavinoids of oenology.

That being said…

Oni blood is vile.

That is all.


Gematria said...

Fair enough! *grins*

Birdsan Weezles said...

Hyu getz to bite zum pretty veird azzorted schtuff in my line of vork, love. Oni izn't on my lizt of favourite flavourz, but dot vazn't az vile az zum tingz, truzt me.